Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cooked Homemade Play Dough

When I was little I loved that my Mom stayed home during the day. She watched other kids during the day and we always did the best activities. She assures me she had so many others she meant to do with us but in my memory, she was and is the perfect mom.

One of my favorite activities was when she made play dough. I loved the oddly comforting smell it makes when you cook it on the stove top and how warm and squishy it was right after it was kneaded into a ball. So I decided that I should make some for A. After all, I went to school for child development and planned daily activities for other people's children, yet I never plan any for A. So here is admittedly, the first planned activity with any specific goal (working on fine motor control) in mind.

Cooked Homemade Play Dough

1 cup of water
25 drops of food coloring
2 teaspoons of oil
2 teaspoons of cream of tartar
1/2 cup of salt
1 cup of flour

Add water, food coloring and oil. Stir together. Add in cream of tartar and salt. Stir together. Turn the heat to medium and slowly add in the flour. Stir the mixture continually until a ball forms. Knead into a ball, cover with plastic wrap and allow to cool.

My Commentary

So the directions state that you're suppose to stir the mixture until a ball forms. I still don't know what that means after making two batches, instead I just stopped stirring when it got stiff enough that it was hard for me to stir it. You just want to make sure it cooks enough that it isn't extremely sticky but doesn't get to the point where the color looks noticeably darker and very stiff to the touch.

Just make sure to store it in an air tight container and you should be good to go!

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