Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What am I truly thankful for?

So I'm aware that Thanksgiving was almost a week ago. But have I mentioned I work retail? Yeah, enough said. I've been busy trying not to stab guests with my set of electronics keys and resisting the urge to grab a bottle of wine off of the end cap and down it where the cameras can't see me.

Homicidal intensions aside, I had a fantastic Thanksgiving. The table was set nicely with actual china and besides the fact that the rolls I have made before at least a dozen times wouldn't cook in the middle without becoming hockey pucks on the outside, it really was a day to be thankful. But what am I truly thankful for? Family, friends, shelter, food and all the other things everyone always says, which of course I am thankful for, I am thankful for the following things...

The Nanny. Not only have I seen all of the eposides on re-runs about a dozen times (in fact I'm watching it as I type) I am thankful for it because it teaches me Yiddish. But even before learning Yiddish was important to me, I just liked the show. Something about it speaks to me. Words like tuchas (your butt), shlep (to drag something or yourself somewhere), shmendrik (a jerk or someone stupid), meshugener (someone who is crazy) and fercockt (all messed up) can easily be slipped into any conversation with little detection.

Chapstick. Even as I type this I'm thinking, where is my chapstick? When did I put it on last? I almost always carry one on me and put it on so much at work one would think that I thought it would make the shift go faster and my guests less stupid. I don't have an addiction, which aparently, is a very serouis thing. I just am really thankful for the tubes of it, any brand really.

DVR. I use to think people were being a little nutty when they said they loved their DVR and the ability to not only record TV shows you don't even need to be wasting brain cells on but to pause TV and rewind it is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I could go back to regular TV but it would be like once you try homemade cheese bagels, you can't even look at store bought ones.

Floss. Yes floss. You read that right. How could one not be thankful for floss? It gets the yuckyness between your teeth out and the fact that I haven't bought floss for years due to the generous amounts my dentist gives me, floss is surely something to be thankful for.

Peach schnapps. Or well, any fruit flavored schnapps. The cherry one I bought while on vacation with The Husband in Traverse City is also very, very yummy. I, by the way, wanted to put this one first but worried it would scream, alcholic a bit too much. The funny thing is that I couldn't even tell you when the last time it was that I even had any but when I do drink I want my drinks fruity enough I can't tell I'm getting snoggered till it's done.

And those are the things that at almost midnight I'm thankful for. There are other things of course that I'm thankful for but that's about all I can manage to think of right now. I'm sure as soon as I finally lay down to go to sleep I'll think of something really meaninful to be thankful for, but meh.

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