Thursday, November 4, 2010

"What an adorable little girl"

Growing up, Halloween was my favorite holiday. It was the only holiday my dad ever participated in so for me, it was one of my childhood favorites. That being said, I don't go all out for Halloween or anything, I just celebrate now by picking out a costume for A. and picking up enough Halloween candy that after I eat half of it, I still have enough to pass out.

This year however, unlike last year, The Husband picked out A.'s costume. Being a Star Wars fan he picked out Yoda. His reasoning? You have to be Yoda when you're short or else it isn't that cute. Fair enough.

We were lucky that the in-laws found a Yoda costume for $4 at Goodwill. Score! While I was initially upset at not sewing a Yoda costume like I did with last years dalmatian costume, I quickly got over it. Best of all, A. looked adoooorable.

See? Adooorable. Yes that's a mini mam paci in his mouth. Don't judge me.

So adorable in fact that almost every single person whose house we stopped at said, "What an adorable little girl!". Um, thanks. I mean, really, what are you suppose to do besides smile and say, "He's a little boy" to which everyone always goes, "Oooh" like you're lying. Idiots.

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