Friday, November 5, 2010


Not the gross, makes your stomach flip-flop, no the kind of discharge I need to talk about is The Husbands. Wait, that still sounds gross.

So The Husband is being discharged from the service. Actually he apparently already was at the end of last month. It's an honorable discharge, so it isn't as if he got caught banging a hooker while doing coke on watch or something. No. What is he being discharged for? Body fat. Yup. The military says he's too fat. I'm too fat. The Husband? He's barely fat. But it doesn't matter. This is his third strike (so this is not out of the blue and this is not a whine, this is a fact post) so he was discharged. That's the new rules.

The insane part? I cried. Why? Anger mixed with hurt. He was a good reservist for four years. He did everything and more of what he was asked to do. They messed with our lives for four years and then just like that, it ends. But then, what's that annoyingly cheery saying? When one door closes another opens? Hmm, very comforting.

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