Thursday, April 1, 2010

No husband. No house.

I dropped the Husband off a bit ago for training and have been dealing with the house by myself since. It isn't going well, to say the least. Our closing date should have been yesterday, the 31st, but we are still stuck in underwriting. I'm not really sure why and I really don't care to know the actual logistics of being stuck in underwriting for longer than normal, all I know is that aparently we're still there. Super!

Not having my husband or my house aside, life goes on. I'm trying to move my mom and younger brother right now from a 3rd floor appointment to a 1st floor one. My mom is having a really rough time moving around right now, imagine that the combination of chemo and bone cancer ontop of breast cancer, doesn't leave one feeling that energetic. It has been a very long process. They are both serouis hoarders, not the, nasty food in the fridge and rooting food on the floor kinda hoarding, the, keep every paper ever addressed to them in the last decade, kinda hoarders. That and my mom collects china patterns and my brother, well, have you ever seen a scrap yard inside a house with wires and old electronics even people my dad's age can't remember? Yeah, that's him.

But I love them both more than all their junk put together. All I know is that by the time I am done packing them both up all I want to do is relax and sleep. The problem of course is that now we have to move. I'm excited about the house of course and A. finally getting his own room but the actual idea of moving any more boxes or doing any more cleaning sounds about as much fun as trying to wrestle A. into his shoes and coat.

Oh well... change happens.