Monday, February 8, 2010

Puppy Bowl XI

I'm sure I was the only one in America tonight watching Puppy Bowl XI with their toddler while waiting for their husband to come home with some dinner in a desperate attempt to avoid a complete meltdown instead of the super bowl. Honestly though, I enjoyed it more than last year when I did watch the super bowl. I just don't get the whole watching football thing. I don't remember the rules, I don't care whose winning and I don't understand why a game takes so freakin long. The only good thing I can think of is the oh so fattening foods you get to eat while watching it because nothing tastes better than melted cheese on something crunchy!

Puppy Bowl aside, the weekend was relaxing. Had lunch with some old high school friends and then the Husband picked up a new game for me, Bayonetta. It's beyond cheese-tastic and the idea of a stripper, demon witch fighting the hierarchy of God's messengers while in clothing made magically of her hair is quite laughable, it's also very addicting. It's a button masher in every sense; I can't even find her on the screen sometimes but as long as I haven't died I just keep hitting Y and B and hope that I get out of it okay. I know that should be appalled by the overt sexuality of Bayonetta and the objectification of women, blah blah blah, but it's a video game that doesn't require me to do any puzzles or think very hard and it's exactly what I need. Plus, if I was that skinny, tall and sexy I might consider flouncing around in high heels and a cat suit, sans guns attatched to my heels of course.

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