Thursday, February 25, 2010

Power shopping

I'll just cut to the chase and spill it... we found a house!!! We had our inspection yesterday and besides some run of the mill usual up keep kinda things like gutters and such, we just have to wait now for the paperwork to go thru and the house is all ours!

The actual paperwork and waiting will take way longer than actually finding the house did as it only took one week. Yes, one week from talking to our realtor to putting an offer on a house. What can I say? We were very motivated due to our time line of trying to get into a house before the Husband leaves and it seems that all of my hours spent looking at listings and neighborhoods paid off. W could quickly say no to certain listings, certain areas and knew what we could afford and where we wanted to live. That and a lot of luck.

The house itself is a four bedroom and has one and a half baths. It sounds huge and compared to our one bedroom apartment, it's a freakin mansion, but in terms of square footage it's not that huge, only about 1,100 square feet. But we're so excited. Even with it's small sqaure footage, small back yard and small kitchen, we still love it.

The best part is that all 1,100 square feet are in great condition and it's like taking a trip to the 1950's because that is definitly the last time that the house was updated. The house was actually built in 1928 but went through a huge remodel in the 50's complete with pink and brown tile in the full bathroom, green plastic tiles on the walls down in the half bath, double basin sink with drain boards on top of metal cabinets, a 1959 GE stove in fantatsic working condition and a built in vaccum (that still works!).

Now the 50's aren't my favorite in terms of house decor, though I adore the clothing styles, but living in a 50's house for several years before it can be turned back to a 20's house will be fun. I've already figured out that the kitchen will be robin egg's blue with yellow accents... at least I'm pretty sure. In the end though whenever we do start to do major remodels (so check back when A. is in high school, ha ha) we plan on doing it carefully so that we can salvage some of the vintage details so that someone else who just has to have a 1959's GE stove will get a great stove and we can get a few bucks. But until then, I'm excited to cook and bake in my 50's kitchen and call my friends on my rotary phone that's still on the wall!

Oh and I'll post pictures later of the inside of the house once closing comes around. I brought it to the inspection with us but like a dork forgot to check to make sure it had working batteries. Oh well!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I can feel my thighs getting fatter

So I stalk this site called apartment therapy. I love the beautiful bright photos. It makes me crave rooms of my own filled with beautiful art work and brightly colored rooms. Rooms where toddlers, cats and husbands aren't allowed in.

Besides the home decor aspects though there is a section about cooking and the kitchen where they list different recipes, often times linked from other sites and blogs. I was browsing the other night and discovered one that was called Dead Man's Peanut Butter Pie from a great blog I hadn't ever ran across called, Not So Humble Pie.

I should have never even looked at it. I should have never picked up the already made crumble pie crust and heavy whipping cream tonight at the grocery store. I should have never made it. I should have never ate the left-over peanut butter goodness mixed with chocolate glaze before it was even chilled and firm.

But it's too late, I did and now I can literally feel my jeans getting tighter. But it was ooooooh so worth it. Go. Now. Go make this and don't even try to justify how it might some how in another universe be good for you, because it's not.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Puppy Bowl XI

I'm sure I was the only one in America tonight watching Puppy Bowl XI with their toddler while waiting for their husband to come home with some dinner in a desperate attempt to avoid a complete meltdown instead of the super bowl. Honestly though, I enjoyed it more than last year when I did watch the super bowl. I just don't get the whole watching football thing. I don't remember the rules, I don't care whose winning and I don't understand why a game takes so freakin long. The only good thing I can think of is the oh so fattening foods you get to eat while watching it because nothing tastes better than melted cheese on something crunchy!

Puppy Bowl aside, the weekend was relaxing. Had lunch with some old high school friends and then the Husband picked up a new game for me, Bayonetta. It's beyond cheese-tastic and the idea of a stripper, demon witch fighting the hierarchy of God's messengers while in clothing made magically of her hair is quite laughable, it's also very addicting. It's a button masher in every sense; I can't even find her on the screen sometimes but as long as I haven't died I just keep hitting Y and B and hope that I get out of it okay. I know that should be appalled by the overt sexuality of Bayonetta and the objectification of women, blah blah blah, but it's a video game that doesn't require me to do any puzzles or think very hard and it's exactly what I need. Plus, if I was that skinny, tall and sexy I might consider flouncing around in high heels and a cat suit, sans guns attatched to my heels of course.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Still can't sleep

So I'm laying on the couch watching a rerun of Family Guy that I've not only seen a bunch of times but also own on DVD. Why you ask? Why wouldn't I be in bed with my husband and son (we're co-sleeping people, not our original idea but eh, it works for us)? Because I'm still having insomnia issues.

So what does one do when they have insomnia issues? Lots of things really...
  • Stalk houses via google maps and try to determine how ghetto the neighborhood looks
  • Mentally decorate houses you don't own and try and figure out why on earth people let realtors photograph their houses with their dirty laundry, quite literally, laying around (at least shove it in a closet or under the bed people!)
  • "Shop" for said houses and bookmark hundreds of home decor stuff you'll never actually own because you have a toddler and a special cat
  • Log into facebook a few times but not post anything because unlike the other people on your list you don't feel the need to update every 30 seconds about boring details in your life
  • Flip through channels and wonder why you stop on food network after 2100 because it just makes you hella hungry and craving mashed potatoes with gravy
  • Look around your living room and consider doing something productive like reorganzing the toys or the book cases but decide instead to continue to sit on your ass because getting up would require you to use your brain
  • Consider doing some kind of exercising but figure if you're not even getting up off the couch to organize a book case you're definitly not getting up to exercise
So yup... that's what I do on the nights when I'm not sleeping.