Thursday, December 3, 2009

So I suck...

At blogging it appears. Mainly it's a combination of forgetting my password and being too lazy to look it up, dealing with a probable swine flu outbreak in our house, deployment news for the Husband, teething for A. and all the other every day stuff that has happened. The sad thing is, I have crazy mommy insomnia and am up at all crazy hours of the night so really there isn't any reason I can't write every day. I just suck I guess. Eh.

All of that out of the way this month is kinda crazy. I work retail; enough said. A. turns one later this month followed by a commercial celebration of Christmas followed by the Husband and mine's third wedding anniversary. We clearly don't believe in spacing things out throughout the year at our house.

And on top of all of that we have started toying with the idea of buying a house. And by toying with it I mean it's become my new obsession. It's seriously getting kinda sad. I check the listings every day for new houses and stalk houses via Google street view to check out the neighborhoods. When I drive around our town now I recognize houses from their listings and rattle off the price along with the square feet, numbers of rooms and bathrooms.

The Husband finds it all amusing and is glad that I'm doing my usual, over obsession thing I do with new topics so he doesn't have to do anything but listen to me ramble. I seriously don't think I read this many articles, message boards and slide shows about child development for my degree as I have about buying a house. I wish that I could just be like most people and go blindly into the process but it's really not my style. I'm definitely a type-A personality when it comes to topics involving spending crazy amounts of money.

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