Sunday, December 6, 2009

Playing with snow

So the other day after breakfast I decided to see how A. would handle snow. I figured he would either love it and try to eat it or hate it and throw it as those are how he handles everything in life right now (love = eat, hate = throw). So I scooped some up in a baking tin and let him go at it.

This is A. first investigating the snow. Excuse the unorganized crap in the corner, it's the toy corner that we just throw stuff in at the end of the night.

It took a bit of time for A. to actually touch the snow.

Once he actually did touch the snow he wasn't so sure he liked it. He had a simular reaction to grass this summer time when my mom put his feet in the grass.

At this point I expected him to throw the baking tin but instead he decided to look at his hand. He seemed perplexed that it was wet and waved his hand around.

He played with it for a while actually, longer than I expected and it melted before he ever even threw the tin. The cat seemed pleased that the water had melted as she assumed that she was being given a new water bowl in the living room. A. and the cat in the end both seemed pleased with our mini sensory exploration of the day. I was pleased my carpet got wet and therefore slightly cleaner than it was before, oh, and that it was soon nap time.

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