Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I finally stopped being lazy, sort of

So I've had A.'s one year birthday party planned in my head now for several months. It's going to be a bee themed party as that was the theme of my baby shower, his crib bedding as well as a nod to the cult, I mean division, the Husband belongs to in the military. The colors are green, yellow and black and will be a dessert buffet filled with goodies that are those colors. But after months of seeing it in my head I finally layed everything out for the dessert table in word, wrote down my four page list of supplies I need and finally designed his invitations.

It's not an entirely orginal design, not really at all to be honest. In fact the idea elements come from a few designs I found on-line but I'm still reasonably pleased with my two hours of work considering I haven't actually used photoshop to edit or design anything since high school.

With his invitation done and the lists and diagrams done I feel accomplished, sort of. Now I actually need to start getting everything together because I've got less than two weeks to go and virtually nothing completed that's actually on the list. But I'm not worried, I wrote some of my best paper for college two hours before they were due. I excell at procrastinating.

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