Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why not us?

So everyone else and their family seems to have a blog, so why not us? I mean, we live a rather uneventful and ordinary life like most of the people who have blogs, so here is ours...

We (the Husband, A. and I) decided staying at home tonight was some how going to be more boring than any other night we stay at home and decided to venture out. So where did the Husband decide to take us first? To the next town over to their Wally World to wander around. Yes, that's right, I'm not really sure why but we went anyways and it ended up being a great trip! We scored a $3 summer pool for A. which was marked down from the original $25 and I picked up pinking sheers for $7 down from $15 which is awesome because now I can add them to my sewing supplies I don't really use for the sewing projects I probably will never finish!

Here's A. playing with his pool (because you have to blow those things up, I'm not wasting $3 on a pool that can't do it's job):

Then we went to downtown and went to the local NEX. It isn't big at all, instead it has a few TVs, candy and liquor of course. We always go and get candy and energy drinks for the Husband and Green Apple Jones Soda for me. It's cheaper than the grocery store and no sales tax. I'm always disappointed when they don't ask for ID though, I never get to use mine, instead it sits in my wallet taking up space. Well that's not true, on the 1st of every month I can use it at Old Navy for their military appriciation day and get 10% because even Old Navy knows that's when the pay checks roll out.

Anyways... then we took a walk down by the boardwalk. It was chilly but that's to be expected when you live in America's mitten. We headed back home and got dinner ready before A. went to bed and the Husband then followed suit. Which leaves me up and by myself. You'd think I would be asleep as well but that requires common sense and I don't have any. Instead I sit here, watching Adult Swim and accomplishing nothing productive at all like the remaining chores of the day, A.'s first Halloween costume or using the Wii Fit I asked for after A. was born.

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