Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I finally stopped being lazy, sort of

So I've had A.'s one year birthday party planned in my head now for several months. It's going to be a bee themed party as that was the theme of my baby shower, his crib bedding as well as a nod to the cult, I mean division, the Husband belongs to in the military. The colors are green, yellow and black and will be a dessert buffet filled with goodies that are those colors. But after months of seeing it in my head I finally layed everything out for the dessert table in word, wrote down my four page list of supplies I need and finally designed his invitations.

It's not an entirely orginal design, not really at all to be honest. In fact the idea elements come from a few designs I found on-line but I'm still reasonably pleased with my two hours of work considering I haven't actually used photoshop to edit or design anything since high school.

With his invitation done and the lists and diagrams done I feel accomplished, sort of. Now I actually need to start getting everything together because I've got less than two weeks to go and virtually nothing completed that's actually on the list. But I'm not worried, I wrote some of my best paper for college two hours before they were due. I excell at procrastinating.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Playing with snow

So the other day after breakfast I decided to see how A. would handle snow. I figured he would either love it and try to eat it or hate it and throw it as those are how he handles everything in life right now (love = eat, hate = throw). So I scooped some up in a baking tin and let him go at it.

This is A. first investigating the snow. Excuse the unorganized crap in the corner, it's the toy corner that we just throw stuff in at the end of the night.

It took a bit of time for A. to actually touch the snow.

Once he actually did touch the snow he wasn't so sure he liked it. He had a simular reaction to grass this summer time when my mom put his feet in the grass.

At this point I expected him to throw the baking tin but instead he decided to look at his hand. He seemed perplexed that it was wet and waved his hand around.

He played with it for a while actually, longer than I expected and it melted before he ever even threw the tin. The cat seemed pleased that the water had melted as she assumed that she was being given a new water bowl in the living room. A. and the cat in the end both seemed pleased with our mini sensory exploration of the day. I was pleased my carpet got wet and therefore slightly cleaner than it was before, oh, and that it was soon nap time.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Actually tired

For the first time in months I'm actually tired near bedtime. It's a weird feeling. That being said I'm going to keep this short and say, it's snowing!!! The snow always looks so pretty until I have to brush it off my car and drive in it, then it sucks. But I don't have to do that till tomorow night so for now it's just pretty.

So I suck...

At blogging it appears. Mainly it's a combination of forgetting my password and being too lazy to look it up, dealing with a probable swine flu outbreak in our house, deployment news for the Husband, teething for A. and all the other every day stuff that has happened. The sad thing is, I have crazy mommy insomnia and am up at all crazy hours of the night so really there isn't any reason I can't write every day. I just suck I guess. Eh.

All of that out of the way this month is kinda crazy. I work retail; enough said. A. turns one later this month followed by a commercial celebration of Christmas followed by the Husband and mine's third wedding anniversary. We clearly don't believe in spacing things out throughout the year at our house.

And on top of all of that we have started toying with the idea of buying a house. And by toying with it I mean it's become my new obsession. It's seriously getting kinda sad. I check the listings every day for new houses and stalk houses via Google street view to check out the neighborhoods. When I drive around our town now I recognize houses from their listings and rattle off the price along with the square feet, numbers of rooms and bathrooms.

The Husband finds it all amusing and is glad that I'm doing my usual, over obsession thing I do with new topics so he doesn't have to do anything but listen to me ramble. I seriously don't think I read this many articles, message boards and slide shows about child development for my degree as I have about buying a house. I wish that I could just be like most people and go blindly into the process but it's really not my style. I'm definitely a type-A personality when it comes to topics involving spending crazy amounts of money.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why not us?

So everyone else and their family seems to have a blog, so why not us? I mean, we live a rather uneventful and ordinary life like most of the people who have blogs, so here is ours...

We (the Husband, A. and I) decided staying at home tonight was some how going to be more boring than any other night we stay at home and decided to venture out. So where did the Husband decide to take us first? To the next town over to their Wally World to wander around. Yes, that's right, I'm not really sure why but we went anyways and it ended up being a great trip! We scored a $3 summer pool for A. which was marked down from the original $25 and I picked up pinking sheers for $7 down from $15 which is awesome because now I can add them to my sewing supplies I don't really use for the sewing projects I probably will never finish!

Here's A. playing with his pool (because you have to blow those things up, I'm not wasting $3 on a pool that can't do it's job):

Then we went to downtown and went to the local NEX. It isn't big at all, instead it has a few TVs, candy and liquor of course. We always go and get candy and energy drinks for the Husband and Green Apple Jones Soda for me. It's cheaper than the grocery store and no sales tax. I'm always disappointed when they don't ask for ID though, I never get to use mine, instead it sits in my wallet taking up space. Well that's not true, on the 1st of every month I can use it at Old Navy for their military appriciation day and get 10% because even Old Navy knows that's when the pay checks roll out.

Anyways... then we took a walk down by the boardwalk. It was chilly but that's to be expected when you live in America's mitten. We headed back home and got dinner ready before A. went to bed and the Husband then followed suit. Which leaves me up and by myself. You'd think I would be asleep as well but that requires common sense and I don't have any. Instead I sit here, watching Adult Swim and accomplishing nothing productive at all like the remaining chores of the day, A.'s first Halloween costume or using the Wii Fit I asked for after A. was born.